From the President

Dear Jewish Community Member,

Our purpose is to promote the enduring and fundamental principles of Judaism and to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people. Our synagogue building is the farthest north in the world. We are located in the heart of Alaska and want to meet the needs of our community and those who travel. Fairbanks is also home to a diverse military community. Ft. Wainwright and Eielson AFB provide an ever-changing influx of members to our community.

Whether you attend Shabbat every Friday or visit our synagogue once a year, you are a part of our Jewish community. We welcome you with open arms. Throughout the year we are able to host a variety of services and activities aimed to strengthen our synagogue and serve the needs of our congregation.

Today we ask for your help. Membership dues are a very important part of what maintains our community synagogue. We are fortunate in that we own our synagogue building outright, but we are in the midst of critical structural repairs and have ever-increasing operating expenses. Membership dues alone are not enough to support our synagogue (or any other) these days, but they do help cover expenses and the myriad programs and support services we provide.

Most of what we do could not happen without gifts of time and money from congregants. Your membership is crucial to maintaining Congregation Or HaTzafon, which is more than a religious school, more than a bimah, more than a place for social gatherings. It is our community’s Jewish home.

Far more important than any achievement or event is the fact that we have a place where we can gather, grow, and share the events in our lives, whether they be sad or joyous. Every member strengthens the community of Or HaTzafon. Even when you don’t have the time to be personally involved, your membership dues support the programs and events that can be enjoyed by all. If you are not yet a member, contact the office for a membership application, return it and the board of directors will review it at the next board meeting. Inability to pay the listed dues should not keep you from joining. Contact the president and we can discuss your situation.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Click here to download our membership application.


Jeffrey Rothman