Welcome to Or HaTzafon Hebrew School!

Spring 2018

Shalom! Our young Jewish learners are busy practicing Hebrew, learning Torah, singing, and having fun! The Spring 2018 Term includes some very special dates we will be celebrating. On January 31st (15 Shevat) we celebrate Tu Bishvat (The New Year for Trees) a beautiful holiday that reminds us of our connection nature. February 28th - March 1st is Purim (observed on 14 Adar) when we celebrate the deliverance of our people from the wicked Haman and the heroics of Queen Esther.

From March 30th – April 7th (15 to 22 Nissan) we celebrate the miraculous holiday of Pesach (Passover) commemorating our deliverance from slavery. We encourage all our parents to volunteer and participate! Please contact us at (907) 456-1002 or via email at orhatzafon@mosquitonet.com Attn.: Hebrew School.  L’hitraot!!!